Check Out The Cost Of Living In Boise

Average Prices In Boise

If you have been thinking or have a need to move to Boise, at the cost of living in Boise, you can see how the prices are moving in that city.

All prices given here are some average prices. You will surely find both something more expensive and something cheaper.

A family of four needs an average of about $3,297, and a single person needs about $956. These are the figures if the rent is not paid. If you pay rent, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you $1,646, and a three-bedroom apartment in the center will cost you $2,496. Outside the city center, you have to spend $1,435 for a one-bedroom apartment, and $2,157 for a three-bedroom apartment. If you don’t want to pay rent, but buy your own apartment, in the city center you will have to pay $5542, outside the city center $3750 per square meter apartment.

Cost Of Living In Boise

As for transportation, you can get a monthly pass for public transportation that costs $45, and a single ride costs $1.50. A liter of petrol is $1.26, so it may be worth it to use your own transport, especially if you have several family members.

As for food items such as 500g bread the price is $3, milk 1l costs about $77, eggs 12 pieces $3.5, chicken fillet $11.7, beef $14, potatoes $2, water 1.5l it costs $2.3. You can see all other prices that interest you at cost of living in Boise.

As for restaurants, the prices are as follows: in a cheaper restaurant you can get a meal for $15, in a mid-range restaurant a meal for two people will cost you $60. Beer prices are around $5-6, and juices around $2-2.5. Here we have given you some basic prices in Bios.

For all prices that interest you in Boise, one click on cost of living in Boise is enough. Here you will find everything you need.

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