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Time Between Aircraft Engine Overhauls

You have heard that there is an overhaul of the aircraft engine. You can find out when it is done on tbo extension.

Every engine on any aircraft has a recommended overhaul time. It’s a tbo extension. Engine manufacturers always give How many flight hours it takes to overhaul the engine.

When overhauling an engine, it must be completely disassembled and every part must be carefully inspected and measured. Even the tiniest little thing that is wrong must be noticed and immediately repaired or replaced with a new part. Each engine has its own number of working hours, after which, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, an overhaul must be carried out. Depending on the complexity of the engine, it also depends on the number of working hours of the aircraft after which the engine overhaul is carried out.

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Reciprocating engines are much more complex than turbine engines, so their tbo ranges from 1200 to 2000 hours of operation. Turbine powered engines have a much higher tbo of 3000 to 5000 hours. Even jet engines have such a number of working hours.

If you want to sell an aircraft engine, its value decreases as its hours increase, so you must always state the time since the engine’s last major overhaul.

Engine overhaul is a manufacturer’s recommendation, so it is not mandatory if the aircraft is not used for commercial purposes. However, anyone who owns an airplane should think carefully about overhauling the engine. In aviation, even the smallest malfunction can lead to loss of life.

Although an engine overhaul is the manufacturer’s recommendation, it does not necessarily mean that the engine will be in working order by the end of the working hours. So always listen, check your aircraft engine.

If you don’t know much about aircraft engine overhaul, one click on tbo extension is enough. We will try to explain many important things to you.

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