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The Best Foods Topped with Whipped Cream

There’s something about whipped cream that just makes any food taste better. Whether it’s on top of a piece of pie, mixed into some hot chocolate, or even slurped straight out of the can, whipped cream is a delicious addition to any dish. We’ll explore some of the best foods to enjoy with a dollop (or two) of whipped cream! Use the smart whip for the best results.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about whipped cream is, of course, dessert. And there are plenty of desserts that are made even better with a dollop of whipped cream. One of our favorites is strawberry shortcake. The sweetness of the strawberries mixed with the rich creaminess of the cake and whip cream is absolutely heavenly.

Smart Whip

In addition to desserts, there are a number of savory dishes that are delicious with whipped cream. One of our favorites is a simple grilled cheese sandwich. The addition of whipped cream to the classic grilled cheese takes it to a whole new level.

Adding fruits to your whipped cream can also create a delicious and unique flavor. A popular option is to add some pumpkin puree to your whip cream for a seasonal twist. Another great option is to mix in some cinnamon or nutmeg for a warm and inviting flavor.

Another great option for using whipped cream is in coffee drinks. A little bit of whip can really take your morning cup of joe to the next level. For a real treat, try making an iced coffee drink at home and topping it off with some homemade whip. It’s sure to be a hit!

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